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Brief History of Taher Group


During the year 1960 prior to the independence of Bangladesh, a traditional businessman from heart of Chittagong, Mr. Late Alhaj Abu Taher started his business. Towards the urbanization trend during his tenure in 1968, he developed residential apartments to meet the demands of growing population.


Right after the liberation he took the Lazaf Petrol Pump (a filling station) under the dealership of Padma Oil Company (the then Burma Eastern) and named Abu Taher & Sons. By the year 1983 he succeeded to extent of establishing the second fuel pump station named Chandgaon Filling Station under the same dealership.


After the peaceful departure in earlier 1968 of Mr. Late Alhaj Abu Taher from the world, his able and qualified sons took over the steering of business setup and succeeded diversifying the trade in different vital sectors under the banner of Taher Group of Companies.