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Message from the Chairman


Taher Group is a right place for business where service and career blend together. We have a strong culture where our employees start with us and stay for a career. Through our earnings and endeavors we have supported them all the way through and enjoyed about a decade of employee ownership. In addition to our employees, our clients, the communities in which we live also are getting benefited by our Endeavour. Our goal is to create and deliver value to each of these stakeholder groups – clients, employees and community.


We start with our clients and the value that we create and deliver to our key Industrial, Service and distribution sectors. Each of these market sectors has value-based solutions that are entirely made for different segments of clients. Additional value is delivered to our clients through personal contacts, (seminar and symposium) social activities etc.


We believe that the best ideas come from an inclusive environment where diverse voices are heard. We also recognize the need for ongoing employee development. Part of the process, we have initiated leadership development program for our senior management team and a resource management training program to ensure our managers possess the skills and tools to lead and inspire our organization.


The communities in which our employees live and work is also an important stakeholder. Employees at all levels are encouraged to participate in the Firm’s philanthropy programs. With robust community relations, we emphasize that success is not always measured in monetary terms, but by the mark one can make on society and the role we can all play in making our communities a better place.


As we continue to navigate an uncertain global economy, we must be certain that we are positioned correctly to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented before us. To ensure our success, we must be sure to serve our clients that have supported us for more than 40 years. With the full support of Taher Group’s stakeholders, well wishers and our most valuable assets – Our Clients, we can position our organization to thrive in these challenging economic times. I thank you for supporting us (in 2009) and I look forward to continued success in future.




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